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2 Responses to About

  1. Global warming is a scientific fact, if you choose to put your head in the sand then do so. But you’re an absolute moron.

    • mancave001 says:

      Just saw this idiotic reply. Global Warming is no more a scientific “fact” than warp drive is a fact. Anthropogenic Global Warming is a theory, one to which some scientists subscribe, and others don’t. In theory, the greenhouse effect SHOULD be occurring. But the hard data shows the outcome is inconclusive at best. Moreover, there is absolutely no evidence that a moderate warming of the planet will have the destructive effects some have predicted. There are many possible reasons GW has not followed the best models of the past 30 years. In fact, my contention is that there are large variables we simply don’t understand or underestimate. But hey, it’s much easier to call me a moron than actually discuss the issue.

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